Planning For Your Loved One’s Future Workshop Series

We are happy to announce that Sunfield Center is offering the “Planning For Your Loved One’s Future Workshop Series” for parents, guardians, and other family members who have a loved one diagnosed with a developmental disability. This workshop series provides you with the resources and knowledge needed to feel empowered to be a strong advocate for your loved one’s future planning.

This workshop series is designed for parents, guardians, and other family members who have a loved one with special needs. While the examples provided throughout the workshop will focus primarily on Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), the resources and information provided should apply for individuals with any developmental disability. The workshop is divided into separate modules, so you can pick and choose the ones that you think would be most helpful to you.

As a participant, you have the opportunity to share and reflect with others on their experiences, while also gaining the tools needed to help your loved one make a smooth and successful transition into adulthood.

This workshop is delivered using a multi-method format, including lectures, videos, and discussions. Please keep in mind that some of the resources and services mentioned in the training may be specific to the Washtenaw County area; however, much of the information and resources provided throughout should be relevant regardless of where you live.

For more information on each of the workshop modules, follow the links below.

Module 1- Building a Bright Future: Transition Planning During High School

Module 2- Living Independently: Resources for Housing, Healthcare, & Independent Living

Module 3- Work, Play, and Getting Around: Resources for Transportation, Employment, & Recreation

Module 4- Securing My Loved One’s Future: Finances & Legal Safeguards

Module 5- Off to College: Preparing for Higher Education