Diagnostic Evaluation

Sunfield Center for Autism ADHD Ann Arbor Michigan Autism Assessment Dr. Pamela Dixon ThomasThe Sunfield Center Anxiety Disorders Service offers comprehensive diagnostic evaluations and evidence-based and research-informed treatments for children and adolescents struggling with a variety of anxiety disorders. Our evaluation provides important information regarding the child or adolescent’s symptom presentation and the level at which symptoms impact daily functioning within various settings.

Before the evaluation, patients are asked to complete and return a packet of forms, which will be reviewed before the scheduled appointment. The evaluation generally lasts 3 hours and may include follow up questionnaires to gather additional information. Feedback regarding diagnosis and treatment recommendations is provided at the feedback appointment approximately two weeks following the evaluation. A written report summarizing the findings is provided approximately three to six weeks after the feedback appointment. As part of the evaluation and ongoing treatment process, when necessary, we also communicate with families in consultation with psychiatrists regarding whether and how psychotropic medication may be combined to increase treatment effectiveness.