Organizational Skills Treatment

organizational skills treatment for ADHD attentional difficultiesIn addition to the cardinal signs of ADHD, which include symptoms of inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity, children and adolescents with ADHD often present with deficits in executive functioning. For school-age children, this manifests itself as difficulty organizing tasks and activities, including having disorganized work and study habits, and a tendency to forget, lose, and/or mishandle materials necessary to complete homework and school assignments. Problems with organizational skills also impact a child’s ability to participate in other fun activities. For example, the child may forget to ask a parent to sign a field trip permission slip or if they do remember to have it signed, he or she may end up misplacing it or forgetting to turn it in. Our organizational skills treatment offers researched-informed intervention to help school-age children and adolescents improve deficits in time management, organizational and planning skills.